• Rigid LED Linear Accent Lighting, Low Power, Remote Power Supply

  • Rigid LED Linear Accent Lighting, Low Power, Remote Power Supply

  • Rigid LED Linear Accent Lighting, Low Power, Remote Power Supply

LED Linear Accent Lighting

C3R LED linear lighting produces uniform illumination designed to accent and highlight spaces such as small coves, under cabinets or millwork. C3R delivers 200/340 lumens/ft based on 2.0/3.3 Watt/ft selection.

C3R LED lighting fixtures are available in section lengths up to 8ft (in 1ft increments) and may be joined in the field for long continuous runs. Rigid C3R may be connected to Tempo’s serpentine C3S providing an elegant solution for combined curved and straight-run applications.

Each 3in C3R module is micro-maintainable, solving one of the biggest limitations of tape light and ropelight. Should an LED board fail, there is no need to replace the entire run, simply replace the 3in LED board.

Designed with modular CLiP® (Configurable Lighting Platform), C3R provides lighting solutions to suit multiple application requirements. For example, standard module spacing is 3in (end to end) but Tempo can increase the spacing for budget sensitive projects. Consult the factory for increased spacing options.

Tempo offers pre-configured C3R LiteBar Kits that include 30ft of C3R (6-4ft, 2-2ft and 2-1ft sections), a power supply and power feed cable. For more information, see the C3R LiteBar Kit brochure under resources, below.



  • 3in injection molded PVC modules with acrylic lenses are pre-assembled on an extruded PVC track
  • Track, or section lengths, are available up to 8ft (in 1ft increments) and may be joined in the field for long continuous runs
  • Quick wire connectors join sections
  • Optional Flat or 20° PVC mounting clips secure sections
  • Standard module spacing is 3” (end to end), consult factory for increased spacing options
  • Each 3in module is micro-maintainable with an easy to replace LED board
  • CSA damp location listed


  • Low profile, lightly frosted lens
  • Half round, lightly frosted lens with high diffusion film, recommended with Dense Pack LED spacing for high uniformity

power system

  • Remote, Class II low voltage, 12Volt or 24Volt DC power supply
  • Power Supply Total Harmonic Distortion <20%, Power Factor >0.9
  • Lutron® Triac or 0-10V dimming options available


  • Light output of 200 Lm/ft (2.0 W/ft) and 340 Lm/ft (3.3 W/ft)
  • Dense Pack LED spacing option places more LED’s closer together in each 3in module to increase uniformity. Dense Pack available with 3.3W/ft only.
  • Operating temperature range of -20ºC to 50ºC
  • Rated for a minimum of 86,000 hours (L85) at 25°C ambient operating temperature

light characteristics

  • White Color Correlated Temperatures: 1600K, 2000K, 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4500K, 5000K
  • 80+ Color Rendering Index; 90+ High CRI option available for 2700K, 3000K 3500K only
  • Static Colors: Red, Green, Blue and Amber
  • Tempo’s UniBin™ process ensures consistent hue and color to within a maximum 2-step MacAdam ellipse per section


  • 5-year limited warranty

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