• 0-10V Dimming Interface Module for ELV Dimming Luminaires

0-10V Dimming Interface Module

Tempo’s proprietary Dimming Interface Module converts a 4-wire input with 0-10V dimming signal to a 2-wire Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) output to control luminaires with ELV drivers. DIM-Z features a micro-processor based controller that monitors and initiates all signals and functions. An LED light indicator on the housing reports power on/off and self-diagnostic faults. One DIM-Z is required per run up to a maximum 900W (120V) or 2000W (277V).

Note: DIM-Z does not affect the dimming characteristics of the driver used on luminaire. For example, if using a driver that dims to 5% it will still dim to 5% when using the DIM-Z to convert 0-10V to ELV signal


Installation Instructions